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Decades Of Dental Experience

When you are in need of advanced dental care beyond hygiene cleanings, a periodontist is the first specialist that comes to mind when your general dentist is considering a specialty referral. A periodontist is an expert in the field of hard and soft tissues of the mouth and has completed advanced training in placing dental implants, treating dental disease and other soft tissue procedures. Dr. Nicosia is our accomplished periodontist and has specialized in periodontics for over three decades. This extensive background, along with his specialty training, makes Dr. Nicosia exceptionally qualified to care for your periodontal and implant needs.

Periodontist Houston TX

Advanced Periodontal Treatments

Due to his extensive experience in the field of periodontal therapy, Dr. Nicosia provides effective care utilizing minimally invasive procedures when possible. That includes the Allen Tunnel Technique to treat gum recession without the need for scalpels, as well as a flapless approach to implant surgery. Utilizing our advanced technology, including our own onsite 3D cone beam CT imaging, and live-time computer navigated dental implant placement, we can provide the most risk free and accurate results possible.

Dr. Nicosia's Periodontal Treatments

Periodontist Houston TX