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Additional Services - Houston, TX

Comprehensive Oral Healthcare Under One Roof

Dr. Nicosia treating patient

Return Function to Your Mouth

When choosing a periodontist, you deserve to receive care from a professional who offers all the treatments you may need at one location. With nearly three decades practicing dentistry, Dr. Patrick Nicosia offers additional dental treatments to improve the overall function of your jaw and quality of life. An in-depth consultation and exam is always performed for each new patient in which Dr. Nicosia can identify potential causes of concern or the reason behind your pains.

Additional Services Available

Emergency Cases

Red emergency cross

We understand that accidents happen at the worst times, so we do our best to work with you in order to see emergency appointments as soon as possible. You should schedule an emergency appointment if you experience any severe oral pain or excessive bleeding from the mouth. The sooner you receive care, the more successful treatments can become.

Occlusal Adjustments

Animation of occlusal adjustment process

If your teeth are not connecting at the right points and cause you frequent jaw pain or migraines, we can make the necessary adjustments to give you a more harmonious bite. By identifying the problem teeth, we can gently reshape them so they connect properly. This will alleviate your pains and improve your overall bite alignment.

Oral Pathology Exams

Dr. Nicosia examining dental patient

Dr. Nicosia is able to identify and diagnose potential disease of the mouth, including cysts, tumors, and lesions. In some cases, these lesions can be cancerous, which should be immediately removed to promote healing and avoid oral cancer.

Preventative Dentistry

Patient receiving professional teeth cleaning

Dr. Nicosia and our team focus on preventative dentistry every time you visit our periodontal office to ensure you stay healthy. This includes identifying and treating potential problems early and providing periodontal maintenance to ensure your mouth stays in optimal condition and free of gum disease.

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Patient placing nightguard for teeth grinding

Excessive teeth grinding can cause broken or worn-down teeth that will not function as they should. Patients who suffer from constant teeth grinding can receive a nightguard to wear while they sleep. This repositions the jaw and prevents teeth from grinding together and causing damage.

Excellence is Always the Goal

If you are experiencing any kind of oral problems, or are proactively looking to improve your oral health, you should seek professional attention as soon as possible, especially for emergency cases. Our periodontist, Dr. Nicosia, strives for excellence in every way possible and has the extra training and education necessary to provide you with effective care. When you choose our team for your periodontal needs, we can ensure your oral health stays in peak condition.