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Precise, Service-Oriented Periodontal Care

Thanks to dental technology and advances in minimally invasive procedures, patients can experience an improved dental experience with less discomfort and enhanced accuracy. Our periodontist, Dr. Patrick Nicosia, stays up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry and implements them into the periodontal office whenever possible. By utilizing this technology, we are able to more accurately perform care with less risk of damage to your soft and hard tissues.

Advanced Dental Technology

We invest in this advanced dental technology to provide patients with the excellent care they deserve. We are a patient-centered periodontal office, and we offer gentle care, improved recovery times, and accurate results for every procedure.

Cone Beam CT (CBCT)

3D CT scanner

Our CBCT scanner allows us to capture a 3D image of your jaw to reveal bone volume, location of nerves and the position of surrounding tooth roots. This improves the planning for procedures like dental implants or bone grafting to ensure predictable and more accurate results.

Intraoral Camera

Patient receiving intraoral images

An intraoral camera allows us to capture digital images of your mouth without the need for messy impressions. By using a handheld camera, we can quickly gather high-quality pictures that are uploaded directly to a computer and instantly viewable by Dr. Nicosia and you.


Piezosurgery system

This precise technology uses ultrasonic vibrations to cut through bone only, without harming soft tissues. Commonly, we use PIEZOSURGERY during sinus lift procedures or tooth extractions when a delicate approach is needed.

Live-Time Computer Navigated Dental Implant Placement

Live time dental implant system

Placing dental implants has never been safer when we use live-time computer navigated implant placement technology. This allows us to see in real-time exactly where the drill and implant post are within the jaw and guides Dr. Nicosia on the precise depth and angle during surgery.

Guided Bone Regeneration

Guided bone regeneration animation

When performing a bone graft, guided tissue regeneration is performed to better direct the growth of the new bone and tissue. We will place a biocompatible membrane over the bone material to protect it during healing. This insures the graft material stays in the proper place and gum tissue does not interfere with new bone formation.