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Patrick V. Nicosia, DDS Blog

Is Gum Disease Related To Heart Disease? A Periodontist Discusses the Link

September 10, 2019

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Model of a heart and a stethoscope

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. As an umbrella term, it can refer to multiple conditions such as heart attack, stroke, chest pain and more. Fortunately, researchers have learned more about this serious condition in recent years, improving prevention and treatment efforts and ultimately saving lives. In fact, there’s one discovery that may surprise you: Countless studies have found a link between the gums and the heart. If you think you may have gum disease in Houston and want to know more, keep reading below. With effective treatment, gum disease doesn’t have to put your heart at risk!


Bone Loss Can Spell Disaster For Dental Implants, But There Are 4 Solutions

September 7, 2019

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Transparent image of the lower jaw

Chances are that you’ve never thought about it, but your jawbone is what gives your teeth the strength and support they need to chew a wide variety of foods. As long as the roots of your teeth are completely surrounded by healthy bone, your teeth will remain solid. Dental implants are no different! Since these titanium posts essentially act as replacement roots, they also need plenty of healthy jawbone for support. Unfortunately, some patient’s jaws are too thin or weak to keep implants in place (especially people with a history of trauma or gum disease, or those who lost their teeth a long time ago, as the bone begins deteriorating as soon as the teeth are removed). With that said, however, bone loss doesn’t mean that implants won’t work for you. A periodontist (gum specialist) has 4 ways of strengthening the jaw to help everyone enjoy the benefits of dental implants in Houston, even after bone loss!


True or False: You Might Be at Risk for Gum Disease if You Have Diabetes

August 4, 2019

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a mouth with gum disease

As you’re getting ready for work, you notice your mouth feels dry, almost like cotton. Going to the kitchen, you grab a glass of water, but you’re having a hard time quenching your thirst. In addition to your unexplained dry mouth, you feel a tingling in your feet that’s been happening for a few weeks now. When you return to the bathroom to begin brushing your teeth, you notice your gums are bleeding while brushing. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it could be that you have an undetected blood sugar disorder that is connected to severe gum disease in Houston. Find out more about this newly discovered link and what you can do to keep yourself healthy.


Can Gum Disease Treatment in Houston Prevent Stroke?

July 24, 2019

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Concerned man holding head; stroke

Have you ever heard of the mouth-body connection? It means that oral health issues can have a negative impact on the rest of your body. Gum disease is a prime example, as plenty of studies have shown that people with unhealthy gums also tend to have unhealthy hearts, leading to an increased risk of cardiovascular issues such as stroke. Learn more about this surprising connection – and why gum disease treatment in Houston might be more important than you realize.


Periodontist In Houston On the Link Between Gum Disease and Alzheimer’s

June 8, 2019

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Digital image of the brain

Sadly, dementia is the 5th leading cause of death worldwide and Alzheimer’s accounts for 70% of all cases. Researchers have been working hard to find better methods for prevention and treatment and have recently found a surprising link between the gums and brain health. Keep reading to find out more about how a periodontist in Houston can treat gum disease and lower your risk of many diseases, including dementia. It’s information that just might save your life.


Why You Shouldn’t Delay Gum Disease Treatment in Houston

May 23, 2019

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Woman with Gingivitis

If you think you’re not at risk of infected gums, you’d better think again. One study by the American Academy of Periodontology found that nearly half of adults in America over the age of 30 have periodontitis, the advanced, more severe form of gum disease. It’s important to recognize the warning signs in your mouth for what they are so that you can have a better chance of avoiding the worst effects. Learn more about why you should get gum disease treatment in Houston at the first sign of inflammation.