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State-Of-The-Art Technology Improves Implant Success

Living with tooth loss can be one of the most difficult and embarrassing times of your life. Not only are you unable to eat and speak like you used to, but self-confidence in your smile and interactions with others is hindered. As a specialty periodontal office, Dr. Patrick Nicosia precisely places dental implants to replace one or many missing teeth, with the help of state-of-the-art technology. We are the only periodontal office in the area to utilize Image Guided Implant (IGI) dentistry, which uses 3D imaging and motion tracking to safely place implants in the best possible location. Nowhere else in our area will you find this unique technology that improves the success of your dental implants.

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Dr. Nicosia talks about life changing smiles with dental implants in the aesthetic zone

The Dental Implant Process

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When preparing your jaw for dental implants, we will utilize the most advanced technology to ensure predictable and successful results. The first visit involves a thorough examination of your oral health and we will take images of your jaw using our cone beam CT (CBCT) scanner. This allows us to get a highly detailed view of your jaw structure, including bone volume, location of nerves and where surrounding tooth roots are located. Dr. Nicosia uses state-of-the-art live-time computer navigated implant placement technology to ensure accuracy and success in your dental implant surgery. Once your implant heals, your general dentist will restore it with a natural looking dental crown to blend seamlessly into your smile.

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Why Choose Dental Implants

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  • Permanence with proper oral care
  • Natural look and feel
  • Eat the foods you want
  • Preserves jaw bone health
  • Restores self-confidence in your smile

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Our Advanced Implant Technology

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Dr. Nicosia Discusses The Advantages of Computer Guided Dental Implants

To make our dental implant placement surgeries more successful, we have invested in advanced Image Guided Implant (IGI) dentistry, with our live-time computer navigated implant placement software. This gives us a detailed view of the surgery site on a computer screen in live-time and guides Dr. Nicosia in the proper position, angle, and depth for implant placement. The result of using this technology is improved precision, aesthetics, shorter treatment time and improved health. We are the only periodontal office in the area to feature this unique IGI computer navigated implant placement technology and can give you the dental implant results you deserve.

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Dental Implant Failure

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Dental implants are the most reliable solution to replace missing teeth. In fact, they offer over a 95% success rate to last for several decades. Unfortunately, despite their success, there are rare circumstances that can cause a dental implant failure. Often, it is caused by a preventable issue, like poor oral hygiene habits that have resulted in an infection. As a periodontist, Dr. Nicosia can help save your smile if you act quickly. At the first sign of a problem, contact our office for an appointment.

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Excellence in Patient Care

Dr. Nicosia understands that choosing to replace missing teeth with dental implants is an important and life-changing decision. We always strive for excellence in as contemporary and gentle ways as possible, investing in technology and offering effective sedation dentistry for your comfort. For those missing more than one tooth, we offer full arch dental implants that can replace an entire upper or lower jaw with brand new teeth.