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Smile Brighter With Dedicated Dental Care

Every patient’s oral healthcare needs are unique, and Dr. Nicosia will always go the extra mile to create personalized, precise treatment plans that exceed expectations. Whether you’re struggling with a badly infected tooth that may need to be extracted or require help with overcoming dental-related anxiety, our team would like to welcome you in soon. Contact our Houston, TX periodontal office to schedule a first appointment, or if you have any questions.

Why Choose Patrick V. Nicosia?

  • 30+ Years of Specialty Experience
  • Oral & IV Sedation Available For Optimal Comfort
  • Emergency Care Available

Oral Plastic Surgery

Oral plastic surgery can help improve not only the aesthetic appearance of a patient’s smile, but their health and quality of life as well. Dr. Nicosia offers several revitalizing services, including frenectomies for correcting noticeable lip or tongue-ties and crown lengthening, which involves the careful removal of excessive soft tissue so that those in need can finally say goodbye to smiles that seem overly short or “gummy” in nature.

Tooth Extractions

Ideally, every patient would be able to maintain their natural teeth for life, but circumstances can arise (such as advanced decay or a traumatic injury) where extraction becomes the best choice for improving oral health. Dr. Nicosia can handle tooth extractions with excellent precision while also ensuring that patients feel at ease throughout the procedure. If needed, he can also immediately begin rebuilding the lost tooth with a state-of-the-art dental implant; socket preservation is available as well for patients who are not ready for an implant just yet but would like to preserve the jawbone structure.

Sedation Dentistry

Many patients struggle with negative emotions surrounding the dentist’s office; in fact, these nerves can often be so intense in nature that important appointments are skipped and dental problems actively grow worse as a result. Here in Houston, Dr. Nicosia wants to alleviate your worries by offering a full menu of calming sedation services, including local anesthetic, oral conscious sedation, and even IV sedation, which involves an in-office anesthesiologist for maximized patient safety.

Additional Dental Services

When choosing to visit a periodontist like Dr. Nicosia, it’s helpful to know that you’ll be able to receive all the treatments you need in one convenient dental office – no time-consuming traveling required. In addition to the essential cornerstones of services involving the gum tissue, our team also offers emergency care, preventive screenings, dedicated treatment for teeth grinding (bruxism), occlusal adjustments to alleviate jaw pain/migraines, and more.