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Never Fear Dental Care Again

Sedation Dentistry Calms Your Nerves

Are you one of the millions of Americans who put off dental work out of fear or anxiety? Whether this fear is due to unpleasant past experiences or a phobia, Dr. Patrick Nicosia and our friendly team will do everything possible to make sure your visit is pleasant. We offer orally administered sedation, appropriately monitored, to calm your nerves and block feelings of pain and discomfort when you come in for your procedures. We also offer the services of a Dental Anesthesiologist when required or requested by the patient. We can provide sedation for dental procedures as easy as scaling and root planing to advanced full arch dental implants.

Your Sedation Dentistry Options

We offer multiple sedation options to make your procedures go smoothly and help you feel at ease. During a consultation, we can discuss with you what you expect and make suggestions on the level of sedation you may need.

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Local Anesthetic

Administered via an injection at the treatment location, local anesthesia will block sensations of pain at the location. This is commonly used for many procedures and can be combined with our other forms of sedation for the ultimate in relaxation during dental care.

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Oral Sedation

This form of sedation is able to put you in a totally relaxed state by taking a pill before treatment begins. You will be able to respond to commands from Dr. Nicosia and our staff but may not have any memory of the treatment at all. After your procedure, you will need to have someone you trust drive you home.

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IV Sedation

For those receiving treatment requiring a long procedure we offer IV sedation. Dr. Nicosia will bring in a trusted and highly trained anesthesiologist to administer the IV sedation and monitor you during care. This level of sedation puts you in a dream-like state where you will likely not remember much of the procedure at all.